Paola Billi – Boralevi
Paola Billi

Paola Billi


Designer and Master of Chinese calligraphy, for over twenty years participates as an artist and speaker sent to international exhibitions, workshops, conferences and conferences on calligraphy around the world. In 2011 she was appointed Vice President of the International Association of Calligraphers of Beijing and President of the Italian headquarters of the same Association.

Among the academic awards received, that of the Beida University of Beijing that since 2010 attests the Teacher as "Excellent international teacher of Calligraphy". In addition, she was invited to represent Italy in 2008 at the 8th International Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition to celebrate the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing, and the ninth edition of the same on the occasion of the 1300 anniversary of the Foundation of the Japanese capital, in Nara. In 2013, his calligraphy was purchased by the UNESCO Calligraphy Museum in Chengdu.

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