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Our repairers are masters in the art of restoration with many years of experience and graduates from leading institutes of restoration.

They have original tools and a wide range of spun wool done with the ancient techniques, typical of the areas where they originated.

They reproduce the authentic colour, using the ancient processes of natural dyeing, that is essential for a subtle and long-lasting restoration.

Our expertise is at your service to search for the most convenient solution for the maintenance of your carpets.

FREE ESTIMATES Examination of the conservation and cleaning state of the carpet and evaluation of the work that has to be made in relation to the importance of the carpet.

PICK UP AND DELIVERY The pickup of the carpet is made directly by our staff.

HAND BEATING Slight beating on both sides performed with adequate tools to remove the dust before proceeding with a full and complete wash.

COLOURS TESTING Recommended procedure before cleaning the carpet to check the colour fastness.

RESTORE OF EDGES AND FRINGES Consolidation and reconstruction of the edges with the original techniques and tie-off with needle of fringes and selvages.

ART RESTORATION Complete interventions, such as weaving of a cut and the reconstruction of areas damaged or severely compromised by wear and tear, re-tied following the design of the missing parts.

MANUAL DRY CLEANING Treatment performed in the laboratory, using appropriate products, which give new lustre to the colours, without wetting the carpet.

MANUAL ECOLOGICAL WASH Manual treatment processed with the use of soap, natural solvent and with little alkaline, suitable to remove all deposits and patinas respecting the natural defences of the wool.

SPECIAL WASHING FOR OLD OR DELICATE CARPETS Treatment in a lanolin solution to restore the softness and elasticity of the wool.

PARTICULAR WASHING FOR SILK CARPETS Treatment with softeners which are compatible with the structure of the fiber and return flexibility and splendour.

WASHING WITH BUFFER Used for more damaged manufactured goods, is made in tanks using delicate cotton swabs.