When choosing a carpet the measure is a key element, in antique carpets the measure is subjected to the tradition, the contemporary productions rather not have constraints and then you can choose any size and shape.

It is to assess what is the best solution for every need of furniture. When deciding the size it should be noted the aesthetic factor in addition to functionality , because the carpet helps to enlarge the environments to enhance the furniture and to divide spaces: a carpet that goes under the sofa, maybe it is less practical for cleaning, but surely enlarges the seating area; the carpet that goes under the bed, instead of the classic bed frame, enriches the room as well as giving more heat; a carpet can not go from wall to wall must have a frame which acts as a passepartout; normally it is recommended that the legs of the chairs around a dining table are both over the carpet and if possible that there is space for the opening.

But there are many other solutions to be evaluated and for this we invite you to consult our experts.

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