From the idea to finished carpet

In the past, the sizes and colors of carpets were tied to the uses and customs of the people that made them. Today thanks to new techniques, it is possible to create carpets in sizes and colors based on the needs of the interior design.

Our “carpet tailoring” service allows you to realize a custom-made piece with exclusive designs created just for you by artists and designers.

Thus, it allows you to have a true one-off piece. The project is carried out over various phases that range from the study of the space to define the ideal measurements to the choice of colors and decorative motifs. Before the creation of the carpet, virtual renderings can be made to see what impact the piece will have on your interiors.

Carpets are made in the most traditional areas of the world using ancient techniques. It can take from three to six months based on the characteristics and size of the carpet.

The finest yarns, such as wool, silk or viscose, are used, or innovative and ecological yarns, such as bamboo silk or nettle, are employed.